Three Ways for Youth to Get Involved in Politics this Summer

Summer vacations are a great time for lounging by the beach, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying a well-earned break from schoolwork. It is also the perfect time to become more involved in government and ensure that the voices of youth are heard. From advocating for changes in your school for the upcoming year to participating in the national healthcare debate, here are some tips for how to participate in politics this summer:

Get Educated!

Just because you are on summer vacation doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. Spend your extra free time reading up on current events and learning about areas of policy in which you are interested.

Get Involved Locally!

Unless there is a special election, there won’t be any federal elections occurring in your area this summer. However, there might be local and state level elections! Take this opportunity to become involved in local politics—local government has some of the most significant impact on your everyday life.

Get Active Nationally!

Your members of Congress and Senators will most likely be spending a lot of time in their districts this summer, especially during recesses like in August. Go to town halls, write letters, and make phone calls to make your voice heard in Washington!

Bonus: Apply to YCA!

YCA is always looking for dedicated and passionate youth to join our team. Whether you are interested in public relations or specific areas of policy, summer is a great time to become involved with our organization.

Apply Here! 

By Kate Canavan

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