Keeping Girls in School Act (S. 1171)

In accordance to our policies, Youth Caucus of America is proud to announce its support for the Keeping Girls in School Act, which intends to increase school opportunity and attendance through the implementation of a global strategy to empower girls. Specifically, this bill proposes the proper allocation of funding and the collaborative efforts of multiple relevant government organizations, private organizations, congressional subcommittees, and outside consultants to achieve a more interdisciplinary approach to global education. Youth Caucus of America strongly advocates for the comprehensive sex education programs which this bill promises, as domestic responsibilities have proven to be a significant barrier to the pursuit of education for young girls. We support this bill because it empowers young women by delegitimizing the restrictive cultural and societal norms which impede their ability to enter the professional sector. We also believe that our commitment to end the prominence of sexual violence on and off of academic campuses will be well supported through the enactment of this bill, and will ultimately allow more girls to attend school without the fear of being victims of assault. This is an integrative solution which would eradicate the “specific barriers” which inhibit young women, effectively promote school attendance for adolescent girls, and thus foster the growth of developing nations.

With enthusiasm, Youth Caucus of America proudly supports S.1171 (Keeping Girls in School Act), and thus the widespread encouragement of both gender and academic equality.

Rekha Iyer

Education Policy Director

Dakota Rudzik

Education Deputy Director of Research Analysis

Benjamin Holtzman

Education Deputy Director of Communication

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