The System That Has Been Failing College Students

Youth Caucus of America has been working to gain support from several organizations and both local, and federal representatives to gain increased support for The Campus Accountability and Safety Act. This legislation was introduced on April 5 2017 by New York representative Carolyn Maloney, and currently has a 13% prognosis of being enacted, predicted by Skopos Labs. Campus sexual assault in the United States contributes to a culture of fear and inefficient administrative action which is spreading across various college campuses in the United States. Every student that arrives on a college campus has dreams, hopes, and visions of changing the world or creating a life for themselves all of which can be derailed with the emotional, physical, and psychological trauma that occurs due to rape. While there are thousands of stories that can be quoted or linked to, this is simply one of those stories that accentuate a paradoxical reality which many live in where rape is looked down upon but where coming out with an accusation is met with limited and unjustifiable levels of action.  

“The first time I was raped in college—-because it happened three times before I finally graduated you know—I had just went out one night for fun. I’m a dancer you know, and I loved going to the clubs at U of I to just dance all night with my friends. I’d wear my favorite dresses and look really nice, and just dance my heart out on that floor. The first time I was raped, I hadn’t even kissed a guy before. I stepped out of the club to make a phone call, and I didn’t notice that a guy—a male student at U of I—had followed me. He just came up to me and grabbed me by the waist and shoved me into his car. I screamed, and I told him no. He didn’t care. He knew what he was doing.”

She reported the first incident to her RA, and her case was not given any attention from the staff at the University or law enforcement officials. She lived in fear and embarrassment until she finally mustered the courage to report the third incident. Unfortunately, the system failed her, and she got no support, and no justice. This is why Youth Caucus of America is proud to announce its support for the Campus Accountability and Safety Act so as to prevent the injustice in this story from happening again and to help limit the incidents of rape, sexual assault, and sexual violence across campuses in the United States.

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