Endorsement of Tay Anderson for Denver School Board District 4 Representative

Youth Caucus of America, Inc. is proud to say “We Stand With Tay!” YCA believes that Tay Anderson would be an effective advocate for public education. As a recent graduate of the Denver public school system and his expansive knowledge on education and student issues that face the Colorado public school system today; Anderson will bring a new in depth perspective to the school board. Anderson seeks to renew Denver Public School’s lunch program, fight for comprehensive preventative programs for unaccompanied youth, and invest in our educators to create a dynamic and rich learning environment. Anderson’s stances are very much in alignment with the goals of Youth Caucus of America’s Education Policy Committee which believes in investing in educators for a more sound learning environment and improving quality lunch programs. By standing with Tay, students in the Denver school system will receive the support and educational tools that they need to be successful, something YCA believes every student deserves the opportunity to have. For these reasons, YCA endorses Tay Anderson for Denver School Board District 4 representative.

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