We're here to make a difference.

Composed of staff from across the United States, Youth Caucus of America works to promote youth advocacy and youth rights in the United States.

Youth Caucus of America (YCA) works to promote youth advocacy and youth rights in the United States. We empower a strong network of talented, young professionals across the United States to enact preferential policies with regards to critical youth issues such as economics, education, environmental protection, criminal justice, public health, and international affairs through policy and advocacy. With an influential youth base, YCA will continue to advocate for youth by paving the way to success for future generations through our tireless efforts and engagement in the political process.

Vision Statement

As an organization, we represent the collective interests of youth and seek to both advance the status of youth within our current political framework and build a sustainable future centered around the most pressing issues for our generation.

  • Train and mobilize young people to both participate and lead the political process
  • Champion the youth base in the United States
  • Promote youth issue through all educational media campaigns
  • Enact legislation that empowers youth and young professionals
  • Recognize outstanding youth advocates in the community
  • Network with influential community leaders and political figures to make a difference in the globalized world
  • Equip young people with the skillset necessary for active leadership

Board of Directors


John Dominguez

Chairman | Virginia

Rekha Iyer

Vice Chair | Illinois

Samantha Makseyn

Board Treasurer | North Carolina
Alicen Han

Alicen Han

Board Secretary | Washington

Coby Owens

Chief Executive Officer | Delaware

Natalie Murphy

Chief Operating Officer | New York

Angela Chon

Chief Financial Officer | California
New Profile

Andy Wang

Chief Information Officer | Illinois

Senior Leadership Team

Gabriel Moran

Gabriel Moran

Press Secretary | California
Maria Estrada

Maria Estrada

Chief of Staff | Florida

Lukas Alexander

Director of Human Resources | Massachusetts
Justin Wu

Justin Wu

Technology Operations Manager | Virginia

Daniel Smith

Digital Strategy Manager | Ohio