The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has provided legal protection for hundreds of thousands of immigrants who were brought to the United States by their families. President Trump repealed DACA on September 5, 2017, threatening to divide our families, pull us out of schools, and force us to quit our jobs.

The repeal of DACA is President Trump’s attempt to push the immigrant community back into the shadows.

Youth Caucus of America, inc and a broad coalition of organizations are launched a campaign led by Dreamers to pressure key elected officials to support the Clean Dream Act – a bill which would provided protected status for vulnerable immigrants who need it most. Multiple organizations and individuals have joined us to take action and ensure protected status for Dreamers across the country.

    The #OurDream campaign is a coalition effort led by undocumented youth that includes: The Seed Project, Our Revolution, Youth Caucus of America, Democracy Spring, Progressive Democrats of America, Justice Democrats,, Good Jobs Nation, Millennials for Revolution, Undocumented, Students for Education Equity, Democratic Socialist of America (NYC), The People’s Consortium for Economic and Human Rights, Inc., Working Families Party, People for Bernie, Women’s March, Common, Defense PAC/Vets Against Hate, Action Group Network,  and Million Hoodies.


YCA works with the U.N.’s Foundation’s NBN campaign and their mission to eradicate malaria in our generation. With this partnership, YCA and NBN have teamed up to spread awareness about malaria and mobilize youth to take a leading role in tackling malaria.

YCA works with Vizer Strategies by enlisting their support and network to enhance YCA operations.

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